Rainbow, hands held in victory, and eagle to show hope and success over bedwetting.

What is My Bedwetting Victory?

I know what bedwetting is like for a family. I know about the frustration, the shame, the feelings of failure, the desperation for a solution, the disappointment that I couldn’t find an answer that worked for my family, the doubt, the wondering if my kids would ever be dry or would this be their lot in life.

My Bedwetting Victory isn’t a theoretical response from someone in an office who can put the problem away at night when he or she heads home. It’s an answer from me, a mother who lived with it 24/7. It’s a powerful cure that uses a select, dynamic combination of teaching methods that work to retrain the brain. It’s all constructive, positive, fun, and effective.

And it’s available right away as a PDF download. So read on to learn more and know that you can start on your journey to dry nights immediately with My Bedwetting Victory!

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I was a mother of eight, with a two year old who was dry and an 8 and 11 year old who were both wetting the bed every single night. I had five kids who I had seen through nighttime potty training successfully, a baby still in diapers, and two boys who were struggling with bedwetting. It made no sense, but it was happening.

I had a relative say she had never heard of an adult that was still wetting the bed, and my kids would grow out of it. Well meaning as the comment was, I had heard of adults that wet the bed. I did not want that for my children. Frankly, I didn’t want that for those unknown adults. I knew there had to be an answer.

In my search for an answer, pieces fell together, and I realized that with my training as a special education teacher, I could write my own answer. And that’s what I did.

You can read more of my story here. For now, let’s talk about My Bedwetting Victory. Let’s get that answer into your hands so your family also can conquer bedwetting once and for all.

What is My Bedwetting Victory?

My Bedwetting Victory is a complete bedwetting solution. It is a system of learning and teaching methods all working simultaneously to retrain your child’s brain for dry nights. Just as some children need extra help with math or reading or behavior, there are some who need extra help with dry night training.

After all my research, I’ve concluded that in most cases of bedwetting, the brain either didn’t make the right connections, or it made faulty connections.

My Bedwetting Victory Book Cover

I designed My Bedwetting Victory using my expertise in remedial education. No single teaching method works in every situation. A good teacher combines methods and ideologies to get the best results from his or her students. That’s the approach I took when designing My Bedwetting Victory.

All the facets of My Bedwetting Victory are easily managed by initially using the daily schedule chart and later, a calendar. There is no need for a bedwetting alarm, medication, or invasive procedures.

The first step of My Bedwetting Victory is customizing the daily schedule chart, which I take you through step-by-step in the book. The chart tracks all the tasks that the child needs to do. Each task has a purpose in retraining the brain. I explain each purpose in the book. Taken all together, your child’s brain learns how to stay dry at night.

As is the case with learning something new, it will take time for that first dry night, days or weeks even. But then it will happen. Then two, three, four dry nights. And if the system is completed, your child will soon be 100% dry.

My Bedwetting Victory is all about positive education and positive results.

Who Is My Bedwetting Victory For?

I wrote My Bedwetting Victory addressing parents of children around six years to teenager who struggle with nocturnal enuresis. This is the age range that parents and children begin feeling that something might be a problem. It’s the age range when we start feeling like we need some help.

Most medical professionals say that there’s no concern if a child is still wetting the bed up to age 7. Most children will outgrow it by then. Some say age 5 is when children should stop wetting the bed.

I have used My Bedwetting Victory with 4 year olds and had success. It requires a little more “hand-holding”, but not much. The process is the same.

If you are a teenager without strong family support or an adult looking for help, My Bedwetting Victory will work for you too. You will have to play the role of both parent and child, working through each step on your own. But the principles are the same.

Customize My Bedwetting Victory for your needs. Anyone with the motivation to stop bedwetting can use My Bedwetting Victory.

Will My Bedwetting Victory Work For Me and My Child?

My Bedwetting Victory has the potential to work for anyone who wants to stop bedwetting. People learn at different rates and in different ways. Moods and circumstances can help or hinder the learning process. My Bedwetting Victory incorporates all kinds of teaching methods to account for all this. Yes, it will work if used according to its design.

That said, I cannot promise that it will work for everyone. If the motivation is not there to see the whole process through, then the results may be less than hoped for.

The results really are up to each parent and/or child. What I offer is a system that works. I want you to be successful, so I’ve included everything in my book for you to achieve success. Follow each step. Don’t give up.

And keep in mind that it will take time to reach 100% dry nights. The brain has been used to wet nights for potentially years. It needs some time to unlearn and relearn.

After a couple weeks of using My Bedwetting Victory, my boys were starting to have dry nights here and there. It was enough to know we were heading in the right direction. Eventually, dry nights out-numbered wet nights. Then, after months (I didn’t record our exact start and end dates, but I do remember times of wondering if they would ever  be totally dry), they reached 100% dry nights.

The truth is, when we’re learning, we have good days and bad days. We think we’ve learned something, then our brains test us and we wonder if we even know our ABC’s. The same is true when learning to stay dry at night. One day, you’ll think your child has gotten it, then suddenly, they have a wet night. I’ll say it again and again: Don’t Give Up. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In the book, I include some of the struggles my boys and I had. Trust me, we had plenty more that I didn’t write about. Space wouldn’t allow. But we stuck with it. And I’m so glad we did. My boys, and all my children, are 100% dry.

What’s In The Book?

In My Bedwetting Victory, I explain:

  • My story where I share the details of my family’s fight with bedwetting and our discovery how to stop bedwetting.
  • Reasons why children wet the bed and how retraining the brain addresses each non-medical issue.
  • What happens when we sleep and the function of the body clock.
  • Proven teaching techniques that each play a part in My Bedwetting Victory to ensure success for every type of learner.
  • My design, use, and reason for a daily schedule in stopping bedwetting and how you can customize it for your child.
  • The purpose of prizes and the part they play in retraining the brain to stop wetting the bed.
  • Step by step instructions for how to get started with, maintain, and finally phase out My Bedwetting Victory when your child has mastered how to stop bedwetting!

It’s Worth It

With My Bedwetting Victory:

  • Put an end to bedwetting in your home!
  • Understand your child’s struggle and work together positively until those consistent dry nights are reality.
  • Learn my mistakes so you won’t stall on the road to stopping bedwetting.
  • See that there is nothing inherently “wrong” with your child; everyone learns differently and at a different rate.
  • Easily set up a personalized chart that works with your family’s schedule and your child’s needs.
  • Be assured that anyone can learn a new skill or habit, like staying dry at night, with a boost of pro-active teaching.
  • Discover why so many cures fail and be inspired that retraining the brain with My Bedwetting Victory works.
  • Develop a fun, positive working relationship with your child, gain confidence, and enjoy battling bedwetting together.

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