Respecting Privacy

All names on (except in visitor comments) and in My Bedwetting Victory have been changed to respect privacy.

I can remember standing next to my parents while they visited with their friends, me bored, them talking and talking. Then I’d hear my name, my head would pop up, and I’d listen in. Gasp! They were talking about that? That’s all about me! And my cheeks would flame. My personal stories, childlike and perhaps innocent, were being broadcast outside my family!

Whether we like it or not, bedwetting is an embarrassing topic. It’s not something parents get together and discuss. Potty training a two- or three-year-old gets talked about, but not helping an older child struggling with bedwetting. And it’s not something those older children would appreciate having broadcast.

As parents, I think we need to respect that. Getting dry is hard work and the kids struggling with bedwetting need positive support. If that means being discreet, then I want to honor that. And in the internet age, when personal information too easily becomes public information, I want to honor children’s privacy more than ever.

When I first designed My Bedwetting Victory, it was for my own children. It was a personal, family issue. When I wrote it down, I simply wanted a record of what we did, perhaps for my children to reference when they had children. And then I realized that this was a bedwetting solution that others could use. And from my experience of looking for a method that would work and having so much trouble finding one that I could implement in my home and at a reasonable price, I knew I had to share.

My Bedwetting Victory is the real deal. My story and my sons’ stories are genuine. But out of respect for my boys, we agreed I would use pen names when going public. My boys appreciate their privacy, yet they are very happy to know that their experience might help others. In that vein, they and I bring you My Bedwetting Victory and